4×4 Golf Cart Vehicles

Golf Carts are no longer limited to just the golf course. A 4×4 golf cart is now a very real option and widely used across the country. These models are a bit more powerful than a regular golf cart as they are capable of navigating through rougher terrain. Hunters and those looking to use their golf carts for agriculture purposes can take advantage of these 4×4 models. There are also models available for purchase with dump beds. You can take your 4×4 golf cart where regular golf carts cannot go. Additional power and four-wheel drive make sure you won’t get stuck while heading over some rocky roads. Carolina Golf Cars has a wide selection of these golf carts, which are not meant for playing 18 holes on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Action and adventure could be right around the next turn in one of these unique cars. Carolina Golf Cars also offers a line of other street legal golf carts that meet peoples’ needs away from the golf course. Whether you are a sportsman, gardener or just love the outdoors, having a golf cart with 4×4 capability can turn any kind of terrain into an open road.

consumer utility 4x4 Golf Cart for sale

Club Car’s XRT vehicle lineup offers options for anyone – from backyard gardeners to outdoor sportsmen all the way to industrial and agricultural professionals. 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, locking differentials, plenty of power, dump beds and a complete line of options and accessories make this lineup a phenomenal choice for any application.

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