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LSV’s are a rapidly growing market segment. All LSV’s that we sell meet the federal standards that define an LSV. These are not just golf cars that have added features. They come from their manufacturer with a 17-digit VIN # and a title, just like an automobile. LSV’s hold the same requirements as automobiles in terms of insurance, tags, titles, and taxes.

Street Legal Golf Carts for Sale by Carolina Golf Cars

Local and state laws are changing rapidly and in many cases where golf cars were previously allowed on public roads they no longer are, and that’s where LSV’s fit in; in addition to offering higher levels of performance and safety. Please check with your local DMV office for more information. Yes, we can install all of the options on a golf car that an LSV has, but that will not make it street legal to federal standards without the 17-digit VIN #. LSV’s are limited to 25mph and also require state safety inspections in states that require automobile inspections. Please contact one of our sales representatives for additional information.