72-volt Freedom



Cruise the neighborhood in style. The 72-volt Freedom® boasts a modern body, higher ground clearance, and the added power of E-Z-GO’s exclusive 72-volt AC powertrain. With enhanced sport-inspired handling and boosted energy efficiency, you can go farther than ever before. The 72-volt Freedom will get you to your happy place, and back again.

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72-Volt Freedom


Color: Almond

  • 72-volt AC powertrain
  • Standard LED headlights
  • Custom 10″ Daytona wheels mounted on Loadstar tires




72-Volt Freedom
Frame Welded Steel with Powder-Coat Protection
Body & Finish Injection Molded TPO
Available Colors Almond, Black, Bright White, Electric Blue, Flame Red, Inferno Red, Metallic Charcoal, Platinum

72-Volt Freedom
Overall Length 93.5 in. (237 cm)
Overall Width 49.5 in. (126 cm)
Overall Height 46.5 in. (118 cm) w/o roof, 70.0 in. (178 cm) w/roof
Wheel Base 67 in. (170 cm)
Wheel Track 35 in. (86 cm) Front/ 39 in. (99 cm) Rear
Ground Clearance 5.75 in. (15 cm)

72-Volt Freedom
Power Source 72 Volt DC
Horsepower (KW) 22.4 HP (16.7 kW)
Electrical System 72 Volt
Battery (Qty/Type) Six, 12 Volt Deep Cycle
Battery Charger 72 V, 1500 W
Key or Pedal Start Pedal
Speed Controller 350 Amp
Drive Train Motor Shaft Direct Drive
Transaxle Hardened Helical Gears
Gear Selection Body Mounted FNR
Rear Axle Ratio 17:1

72-Volt Freedom
Seating Capacity 2-Passenger
Weight w/o Batteries 709 lbs. (322 kg)
Curb Weight 1200 lbs. (545 kg)
Vehicle Load Capacity 500 lbs. (226 kg)
Outside Clearance Circle 19 ft. (5.8 m)
Speed Eco Mode: 14.5 mph (23.3 kph); Freedom Mode: 19.5 mph (31.4 kph)

72-Volt Freedom
Steering Self-Compensating Rack and Pinion
Suspension Leaf Springs with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Service Brake Rear Wheel Mechanical Self-Adjusting Drum
Parking Brake Self-Compensating, Single Point Engagement
Tires 205/65 10 LOADSTAR 4-Ply