Cushman Personnel Transport Vehicles

Shuttle 8

Shuttle 8

Elevate high volume transportation with the Shuttle™ 8.
Cushman Shuttle 8 Commercial 8 Passenger Vehicle


  • ELiTE Lithium Electric

  • Gas

With six forward-facing seats and two rear-facing seats, the Shuttle 8 is perfect for transporting large groups of people throughout any facility. Choose between maintenance-free ELiTE lithium powered by Samsung SDI Technology or a fuel-efficient 13.5 hp EFI gas engine. Features like a large canopy, ergonomically-designed seating, and dependable performance keep guests and workers alike satisfied.


Cushman Shuttle 8 Commercial 8 Passenger Vehicle

Standard Lighting

Increase visibility with the enhanced safety features of standard headlights, taillights, and brake lights.

Cushman Shuttle 8 Commercial 8 Passenger Vehicle

Standard Horn

Alert others you're approaching with the standard horn feature.

Cushman Shuttle 8 Commercial 8 Passenger Vehicle

Bench Seating

Transport large groups comfortably and efficiently with ergonomically-designed bench seating.

Cushman Shuttle Limited Slip Differential

Limited Slip Differential

Experience a smoother and safer ride with a limited slip differential, giving you more concentrated traction and peace of mind in any situation.

Available Models

Cushman offers a range of powertrains designed to meet the exacting standards of our customers and the task at hand. Read more about the available options.

ELiTE Lithium Electric

Our maintenance-free ELiTE lithium batteries, powered by Samsung SDI Lithium technology, are backed by an unbeatable 5-year battery warranty. The ELiTE Lithium powertrain keeps your Shuttle 8 running efficiently, allowing you to carry guests around your entire facility all day. 


The EFI gas engine is designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly, allowing you to tackle any challenge.


EX1 Gas ELiTE Lithium
Overall Length 94.5 in (240 cm)
Overall Width 47.0 in (119 cm)
Overall Height (w/o roof) 47.5in (121 cm)
Overall Height (w/ roof) 70 in (178 cm)
WHEEL BASE 65.7 in (167 cm)
FRONT WHEEL TRACK 35.5 in (90 cm)
REAR WHEEL TRACK 38.0 in (97 cm)
EX1 Gas ELiTE Lithium
MOTOR TYPE Single Cylinder OHC, 4 Cycle, 9.15 cu in (150 cc) 48 Volt AC
HORSEPOWER (KW) 11.5 hp (8.6 kW) J1995 standard 4.4 hp (3.3 kW) Continuous
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Brushless DC Internal Starter Generator 56-Volt
BATTERIES (QTY/TYPE) One, 12-Volt Maintenance-Free ELiTE 2.0, 56V Lithium
BATTERY CHARGER N/A Lithium World Charger 56VDC 11 ft. DC Cord
SPEED CONTROLLER N/A 235-amp Solid-State AC Controller
DRIVETRAIN Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Motor Shaft Direct Drive
TRANSAXLE Differential W/ Helical Gears Limited Slip Differential
GEAR SELECTION Forward-Reverse Forward-Neutral-Reverse Integrated
REAR AXLE RATIO 11:47:1 (Forward) 14:35:1 (Reverse) 16.99:1
EX1 Gas ELiTE Lithium
DRY WEIGHT 676 lb (307 kg) 605 lb (274.4 kg)
CURB WEIGHT 692 lb (314 kg) 655 lb (297.1 kg)
VEHICLE LOAD CAPACITY 500-800 lb (227-360 kg)
OUTSIDE CLEARANCE CIRCLE 19.0 ft (5.8 m) 19.2 ft (5.8 m)
SPEED (LEVEL GROUND) 12 mph ± 0.5 mph (19.3 kph ± 0.8 kph 8-15mph (13-24kph)
EX1 Gas ELiTE Lithium
STEERING Double-Ended Rack and Pinion
SUSPENSION Front: Independent A-Arm Coil-Over Shock; Rear: Mono-Leaf Spring With Hydraulic Shocks
SERVICE BRAKE Rear Wheel Mechanical Self-Adjusting Drums Induction Motor
PARKING BRAKE Self-Compensating, Single Point Engagement Automatic Electro-Magnetic
TIRES 18 x 8.50-8 (4-ply rated) 18 x 8.50-8 (4-ply rated
EX1 Gas ELiTE Lithium
FRAME Welded Steel with Powder-Coat Protection
BODY & FINISH Injection Molded TPO
AVAILABLE BODY COLORS Forest Green, Almond, Black, Bright White, Burgundy, Inferno Red, Ivory, Metallic Charcoal, Ocean Gray, Platinum, Patriot Blue, Slate
AVAILABLE SEAT COLORS Stone Beige, Oyster, Gray, Black
AVAILABLE PREMIUM SEAT COLORS Mushroom, Gray (custom colors also available)