International Golf Cart Sales

For the past thirty years, Carolina Golf Cars has known no borders. Our customers have not been limited to just the United States. We continue to export our golf carts all over the world. Affordable prices and top quality products can be had by everyone. International golf cart sales have been another feature that has helped us become one of the best in the business. Our friendly team of sales associates are eager to help international customers as we are proud to extend our reach all over the globe. Our sizable inventory continues to meet the demands of international customers and if there is something we don’t have in stock, we will get it. At Carolina Golf Cars, our commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction is extremely important. For that reason, we continue to make every customer a top priority. Quick shipping times, guaranteed delivery and affordable prices make us the No.1 choice for customers regardless of where they live. Although we are located in North Carolina, the entire world is welcome to step into our online showroom and take advantage of our low prices. 

Carolina Golf Cars has over 20 years of experience in exporting golf cars around the world. We offer everything you need to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

  • Large available inventory. If we don’t have the cars on hand to meet your needs, we will locate them.
  • We offer reconditioning and remanufacturing of all used cars.
international golf cart sales
international golf cart sales
  • Onsite packing of shipping containers.
  • East coast location with great port access that reduces your transportation cost.

For more information, please call Chris at (704) 631-9333 or email us at